The way we use media changes rapidly. We experience something that’s groundbreaking in a similar way than the invention of printing by Johannes Gutenberg around 1450. Information has a short lifespan. Bytes and Bits are being streamed with light speed between screens and mobils and are reaching even rural areas far from western civilization within the blink of an eye. There has never been a time when humany has been as informed as today nor has there been a time when media was almost overwhelmingly present. The way in which we have access to information from around the globe via the web is still pretty new. Social networks are spreading like mushrooms in a virtual world and demand attention even from governments.

Humanity on planet earth is right before a quantum leap and the media machinery of powerful cooperations is soon outdated. They’re still trying to give meaning to events that are no longer of any interest to people watching them. We suddenly play a role. We decide about what’s entering our minds. We stand up and are the ones who create the worldview of tomorrow. In the light of the ongoing crisis in many parts of the world this development is desirable. We need the potential of every soul being to foster all the creative minds to come up with solutions that really work. Every thought and every way of living could inherit a promise for the future and reminds us that everything is and always was connected.

© Welcome to the Anthropocene from WelcomeAnthropocene on Vimeo.

More and more people feel that they have something they could contribute to the world. They want to offer and create meaning again. So they start their search for ways into the public arena. Thomas Hübl – a moderne mystic calls this movement “showing up”. It is our gift to the world. Cameras and editing systems are becoming cheaper every day. Anyone who wants to publish their ideas is invited to share their story on Facebook, Google, Youtube and Vimeo. There are even more networks available. Millions a short reports and livestreams are being broadcasted every day in high resolution. This is a rapid development in only a few decades and there is no end to further improvements and developments.

TELE.VISION TOWARDS TOMORROW is possible and we can share our visions, dreams and experiments to a broad audience in realtime. All in all we start writing the history of human kind a new.


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